You love your dog and your priority is to make sure of his overall well being and good balance. This is more than just giving a good nutritious diet or good hygiene.

Basically, your dog needs to go out, explore, smell, run, run and run... To sum up, your dog needs to burn all the energy he overflows.

And here below explains you the reasons why:

  • To start, a bored dog tends to be naughty and the only way for him to burn all his energy is to destroy your furniture. Not good!
  • In some cases, boredom and loneliness can lead to depression and anxiety.
  • Lack of exercise can also cause overweight, diabetes, heart problems or hyperactivity.

Conversely, walking allows your dog to socialize with new dogs, new people, to explore new environment, it enhances mental acuity and fosters curiosity. For him everyday is a new adventure.

Now you know that daily exercise, such as walk or run, can tremendously help your dog's mental and physical health. Walking allows your dog to stay fit; helps prevent future health issues and strengthens bones and muscles. With all the benefits that a walk provides, most dogs should be walked at least one hour a day.

As a simple reminder, a tired dog is a happy dog... just like his owner!

You would love to do this with your dog but work, vacation or other life obligations, make it difficult, call Doggy Adventures, we are here to help.

Doggy Adventures 

Dog walking services, in group or private, in the nature or in the city, dog sitting and cat visits.

Quality of service, trust, professionalism and good mood are our key words.


​Dog walking is still too often considered as an odd job and done by inexperienced people.

Yet working with animals can not be improvised. This job requires specific knowledge such as understanding body language, anticipating reactions and modifying behaviors...

Why hire doggy adventures?