Dago is Monaco's dog whisperer ! Our dog's life has improved so much since she started going on daily walks with him and the other dogs. The pavements of Monaco were just not enough. 

Dago is professional, kind and a true animal lover. I can't recomend him highly enough. He's doing an amazing job and alaways with a smile on the face ! Thank you Dago !   Masa (Java's Mom)

Meeting Dago has completely changed my life. No longer do I have to worry about Venus and Luna not getting out or getting their excersices. Walking around the streets of Monaco was not enough, I could see they were frustrated and had too much energy not released. With Dago they run and play and when  they are back they are so tired the squeeky toy is no longer attractive. Before Doggy Adventures Venus had a skin problem which the vet told me was stress related, that is now completely gone.

Thank you so much Dago for your patience and love at all the dogs you have.   Nadia (Venus and Luna's Mom)

I really think Dago is a very special person! I can feel how much he loves animals and they definitely feel it. Pico loves to spend his morning with him I am more than confident!

I advertise Dago's activity every day walking in Monaco while meeting other dog's owners and I'll doubtless keep on doing it. The only problem is that clearly  Dago will have too many clients and not enough time in a day!... soon or later...;)

Thank you Dago for what you are doing with our friends!!   ​Paola (Pico's Mom)


Our Miniature Schnauzer has a fabulous time, being very active and socialiasing with a bunch of like-minded dogs. Doggy Adventures provides an excellent and professional service to dog owners in Monaco. Highly recommended.   Marianna (Lola's Mom)

Perfect service, trustworthy and the dog has a great time always...  I would recommend Doggy Adventures to anyone whom has a 4 legged friend in Monaco.  Dan (Flash's Dad)

Dago a dressé en douceur le chien et le maître !!  Très bons résultats, j'ai une entière confiance en Dago pour les promenades en forêt, Laika se joint à moi pour exprimer toute son affection pour son éducateur.  Michelle (Maîtresse de Laïka)

Ce fût une belle expérience de collaborer avec Doggy Adventures, Dago a su, par son expérience et sa patience, éduquer et rendre Hooker plus calme. Un grand Merci à Vous.  Karine (Maîtresse de Hooker) 

I have been very happy with Dago looking after my two cats and dog. My dog was so happy he did not notice my return home :)  Not only  have I been happy with the looking after of my pets, but also the looking after of my apartment while on holiday. In general everything was taken care of, and I am very impressed.  Mascha (Paris, Jones and Mickey's mom)

We have two cats (Giova and Cucciolo). They are brothers, but could not be more different in character! Giova is very extrovert and easygoing, Cucciolo is much more shy and does not give much confidence to strangers. Dago manage to win them both!!

I am traveling a lot for my work, so finding someone I could trust to take care of my 2 little treasures while I'm away was a big concern to me. Until I met Dago, he is very sweet, a true pet lover and very reliable and trustworthy. Everytime he comes visiting my cats, he sends me pictures and videos so I know they are having a great time. He brings in new toys and play with them, feeds them and cuddles them a lot.

Thank you Dago. You are a special person !  Barbara (Giova and Cucciolo's Mom) ​​​​​