Rates : Monthly flat rates:  Small dogs - 1 walk per week 140€                         Medium and big dogs - 1 walk per week 160€

                                                            2 walks per week 275€                                                          2 walks per week 315€

                                                            3 walks per week 395€                                                          3 walks per week 455€ 

                                                            4 walks per week 525€                                                          4 walks per week 605€

                                                            5 walks per week 660€                                                          5 walks per week 760€

                                      2 small dogs - 1 walk per week 215€                      2 medium and big dogs - 1 walks per week 235€

                                                           2 walks per week 435€                                                           2 walks per week 475€

                                                           3 walks per week 630€                                                           3 walks per week 690€

                                                           4 walks per week 825€                                                           4 walks per week 920€

                                                           5 walks per week 1060€                                                         5 walks per week 1160


  • All vaccinations up to date
  • Dog must be people and dog friendly
  • Must be microchipped
  • Your dog has to have fixed days if it's not coming 5 times per week.
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Trail Group Walks 

Group dog walking is a great option for sociable dogs but also helps shy dogs to become more confident. Dogs also tend to release more energy when having a dog to dog interaction and as a result seem much more satiated at the end of each group walk. For some dogs, this interaction can also reduce stress and anxiety. 

By choosing this option, you offer your dog the chance to get out of the city and spend time in the nature. We will take your dog to a safe, fun, hour long trail with a group of doggy friends. We will let your dog off-leash once they demonstrate good recall and show no tendency to bolt.

For reason of both safety and fun, walking group has a limited number. We pair dogs depending on their size, temperament and location. We keep each playgroup as stable as possible to ensure each pub bonds with the pack.